Mazama Crater Lake Mug Cloud


Crater Lake is undoubtedly one of the crowning jewels in our home state of Oregon. Not only is it nature’s ultimate vessel, but also a fundamental source of inspiration for us. In fact, we take our name from Mount Mazama – the volcano that erupted and formed Crater Lake thousands of years ago.We created this mug with our favorite lake in mind. At 16 well proportioned ounces – The Crater Lake Mug is perfect for all kinds of hot beverages – from tea to coffee, or even a mug of soup. Designed with a wide surface area, it is ideal for a cappuccino or cafe latte.The Crater Lake Mug boasts a handle that is easy to grip – and the short yet wide shape is super comfortable to hold in both hands. Designed to stack together, they make storage a breeze.




United States



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